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A quantum leap in benchmarking P&C unpaid claims20 marzo 2018 - By Mark R. Shapland - Article

Using the most advanced benchmarks available can help to ensure a more efficient integration of reserve variability analysis into enterprise risk management processes and enhance an entity’s strategies.

The actuary and enterprise risk management: Integrating reserve variability22 agosto 2016 - By Jeffrey A. Courchene and Mark R. Shapland - Article

This paper develops and examines a framework for reserve distribution testing and validation and demonstrates its use with real datasets within an enterprise risk management framework.

Using the Hayne MLE models: A practitioner's guide22 agosto 2016 - By Ping Xiao and Mark R. Shapland - Article

This paper reviews the Hayne MLE modeling framework using a standard notation and covers a number of practical data issues and addresses the diagnostic testing of the model assumptions.

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